Updating the public facing search field to be as responsive as the manager "backend" search field

I have a "pain point" that has been brought to my attention multiple times. The organization/opportunities search field that is provided for users is not very helpful. If an organization or opportunity is not entered EXACTLY the way that it is listed on the website, the search results often do not show any results, or it provides default results.

The search field that I have access to as the manager for the network, provides me with a helpful drop-down of organizations/opportunities to choose from which match several letters, words, etc. that I am typing into that field. I suggest that the public-facing search field needs to be as intuitive as the one that is inside the network manager's "backend". 

This would be a great addition and help users who are browsing have a better experience.

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Hi Michelle, 

Thank you for writing in! I can definitely see how this type of responsive search function would be helpful for site visitors and viewers. I'll record your feature request as wanting users to be able to dynamically search in the front-end Opportunities page without requiring exact spellings of the opportunity name (in the case that the exact name itself isn't known, etc).


Heather Adler
Data Specialist at Galaxy Digital

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