Option to select Virtual, In-Person, or Either

We would like the option to select Virtual, In-Person, or Either when creating/applying to volunteer opportunities.

Hi, Kris!

Thank you for reaching out with your suggestion! I will add this to our enhancements list for review. 

For clarity, do you mean within the Need > Virtual Need, that this would say Yes / No / Either. The screenshot below shows the current Virtual Need options while creating a Need. 

To respond, you'll just click Reply below.  Thanks, again, and I look forward to hearing from you!  


Hilary T.

Onboarding Specialist 

On our side, we see: 

But yes, this is what we'd like. However, we think this question would be better formatted as: 

Opportunity Type: In-Person, Virtual, Either

Also, we'd like volunteers to be able to filter by each of these fields when they are searching for an opportunity to volunteer for. 

Hi, Kris!

Thank you for the clarification. I'll add that preferential formatting! 

For filter options, there is a way to select Filter By Virtual Opportunity > Is Virtual Opportunity or Is Not Virtual Opportunity. For this, would you prefer that it show Is Virtual, Is Not Virtual, and Both?

Thanks again, and we appreciate your suggestions! 


Hilary T.

Onboarding Team

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