Automatic "Log Hours" notification

We would like the ability for volunteers in on-going opportunities to be reminded to log their hours automatically on a recurring basis. 

Hello, Kris!

We love receiving product suggestions and collaborating to improve workflows and experiences, so thank you for reaching out to us! Now, I do want to ask a few questions to better understand your request and how it will improve your user's experience and/or workflow: 

1. How are you currently handling this process and why or how would this enhancement improve that workflow? 

2. How often do you envision this reminder going out? 

3. Why do the volunteers need the reminder?

Your answers will help me better understand the pain point you're facing so that I can share how this enhancement can improve you and your user's experience with our development team for consideration. 

I look forward to your reply. Take care!



We have program managers manually sending email blasts. 

We would like this to be automated on a reoccurring schedule to avoid managers forgetting, etc.. 

Monthly would work. We want to ensure we're accurately capturing all volunteer hours and currently this relies on volunteers self-reporting throughout their on-going volunteer work. We believe volunteers are not consistently remembering to do so, so we're losing out on hours. 

Thank you for clarifying, Kris!

It sounds like this enhancement could really help mitigate any lost hours. I will go ahead and share your product suggestion with our development team to discuss! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week. 



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