Custom Questions on an opportunity basis

In order to create a more user friendly, low barrier experience for volunteers, we'd like to have the ability to customize questions on an opportunity level. We have close to 200 agency partners on our Get Connected site, and we do not all have the same questions.

Hey Carly,

I appreciate you sharing your request and happy Wednesday! 

It sounds like you want to suggest something like, "The ability for there to be different response questions per Opportunity.". Does that sounds about right?

A good alternative for this could include the use of Initiatives. Initiatives can have Initiative questions, but the only caveat would be that only Site Managers can manage Initiatives and Initiative questions.

Let me know what you think and I look forward to hearing from you,


Hi KJ,

Thank you for your response. We've considered creating a T-shirt initiative, but the volunteer can see the initiative when they register, so we have not moved forward. We'll discuss it again.

I appreciate your reply!


Hey Carly,

Sure thing and thank you for letting me know your thoughts about using Initiatives. In the meantime I'll go ahead and submit your suggestion for consideration with our enhancement team!

I hope you have an amazing Thursday,


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