Approving Team Registrations

Due to issues with teams taking spots but not bringing close to the number of volunteers, we avoid allowing ream registration.

However, we often have corporate groups reach out and once we are comfortable that they are accountable for the spots they sign up for, we allow them to sign up as a team. This means toggling on the team feature when they are ready to sign their team up and then turning it back off when they are finished.

I'd like to have the option to not have team sign ups as a public option, but still be able to offer a group a link so they can register as a team.

Additionally, I think you should be able to set a max team size for a given need and if that is exceeded have them promoted to reach out to the agency manager to discuss.



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Hi Matt, 

Thank you for adding your thoughts about teams to the forum! I have recorded your suggestion for discussion during future Enhancement meetings. 

I can see how having the ability to control team sign ups can be helpful to site managers. 

I appreciate your feedback!


Abby T. 

Onboarding Specialist 

Galaxy Digital 

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