Version 2.2 Release Date: July 13, 2015

General: Notification Templates

We added several features to Get Connected's automated notifications. To learn more about automated notifications, and to learn more about the enhancements listed below, click here.

  • Admin Ability to Deactivate Notifications. Admins can now deactivate an automated notification if they do not want it to be sent. For example, if you don't want the Advanced Event Module's (AEM) follow-up email to go out, you can prevent it from being triggered by deactivating the notification.

  • Easier Updating of Templates. Admins can now tell whether Galaxy Digital has added or updated a notification template. Updated templates are indicated by an exclamation-point icon in the Updated column.

    To update your template to match Galaxy Digital's latest, click the Reset button in the next column.
  • Ability to Specify a Signature Block. Admins can now customize the signature block for all automated notifications. Enter the signature under the My Signature tab for automated notifications.
    Click here to learn more about adding a custom signature to your automated notification templates.

General: Other

  • Social Media Following. User Dashboards now feature an area for social-media "follow us" links.
    Click here to learn how to specify the URLs for each of these links.
  • Map Options. If someone visits your Get Connected platform and is not logged in, they will first be taken to the landing page, which features your banner, several search options, and a "background map" below the banner.
    That background map can now be replaced with an image of the admin's choice. Click here to learn more about how to manage this part of your Get Connected platform.
  • Better Management of Bounced Emails. After logging into Get Connected, a user will be notified if system emails to their account have bounced. Prior to this enhancement, a user might assume that no email was ever sent.
  • Immediate Social Sharing. When a user fans an agency, responds to a need, or RSVPs to an event, an overlay will appear, giving them the opportunity to share their action on social media.
  • Expanded Ability to Email Get Connected Users. Admins and agency managers now have an expanded ability to email users from within Get Connected. Anywhere that an email appears on the site (such as in an agency manager's contact information, in an agency's Stats listing of need responses, or in any admin report that lists users), the email will be clickable and will open a window for reaching out to the user.
  • Ability to Collect Additional Data on Volunteer Hours. Admins can now add up to two questions to the volunteers' hours-submission form. These questions can be added under the new Hours tab in Site Settings; click here to learn more.

Volunteer (Standard) Module


  • User Ability to View Volunteer Hours by Date Range. Users can now specify a date range when viewing their past volunteer hours.
  • User Ability To Set a Date Range on Print Version of Volunteer Résumé. Users can now specify a date range for hours to be displayed on their printed volunteer résumés. Specify the date range under My Profile, by clicking the Volunteer Resume button.
  • Option to Hide Agency Contact Information. An agency's profile page typically includes contact information (email, phone, fax, and contact person). Admins now have the option of hiding that information from the public. This option is available under the Settings tab in Site Settings; to learn more, click here.
  • Capacity Option for "Happens On" and "Runs Until" Needs. When creating a need that happens on or run until a certain date, agency managers can now specify how many volunteers are needed. The number of "Volunteer Spots Remaining" displayed decreases as new volunteers sign up.
    Click here to learn more about this option.


  • Ability to Specify Time(s) of "Happens On" Needs. If a need happens on a certain day, an agency manager can specify the time of day that the need occurs. The time is displayed with the need, as shown here.
  • Ability to Filter Needs by Age Requirements. When searching for needs, users can now filter by age requirement.
  • Language Override Update. Admins can request changes to the following items in Get Connected:
    - Employee (used for "Employee Access Link" in Advanced Events)
    - Text of the Return to Our Website and Help buttons on the Dashboard
       Click here to learn more about language overrides in Get Connected.


None this time.

Advanced Events Module


  • Control Over Text Color in Advanced Event Banner. An admin can now specify whether to use black or white text in the advanced event banner.
    For more information on the advanced-event banner, click here.

Other Modules

This round of enhancements did not include new items, updates, or fixes to the Disaster Response and Service Learning Modules (DRM and SLM).