This article pertains to site managers of Get Connected, Corporate Connect, Campus Connect, and Community Connect sites.

Your site manager panel provides many opportunities to export data to a spreadsheet; in fact, most tables in your site manager panel can be exported.

Agencies, Companies, Events, Hours, Needs, Responses, and Users

To export need, agency, event, company, hour, response, or user data into a spreadsheet:

  1. Click the applicable item in the Volunteerism area of your Site Manager Panel menu.
  2. Click the applicable Export button above the table of agencies, companies, events, hours, needs, or responses that is displayed.
  3. User data will be sent to your email and should appear in your inbox shortly. For all other data exports, a .csv file will immediately be created for download.

Note: When exporting user data, if you want to export only certain users to a spreadsheet, you should filter the list first and then select Export Users from the Select an Action dropdown. For more information, see the article The User Filter


To export a report into an Excel spreadsheet:

  1. From the Site Manager panel, click Reports, located in the top right-hand area of the page.
  2. Select the report to view.
  3. Enter the desired date range as applicable and click Go.
  4. Click the Export icon, shown to the right of the Go button above.
  5. Check your email. Once the system has created the export, you'll receive a link to the spreadsheet.