A user group is a tool for grouping volunteers and their hours under a single "umbrella." User groups make it easy for organizations and other groups to track hours submitted for their group. To learn more about user groups, see About User Groups. See also A Volunteer's Guide to User Groups and our User Groups FAQ.

This article covers both creating/editing a user group and deactivating a user group.

Creating or Editing a User Group

To create or edit a user group:

  1. Go to Volunteerism > User Groups in your manager panel.
  2. To edit a user group, click on the user group title. To create a new user group, click the Add New User Group button.
  3. Complete or edit all applicable fields.
    StatusSelect Active to make the user group accessible to the volunteers who will be assigned to it
    TitleType the user group title. This should be the name of the company or other group represented.
    Public DescriptionThis description appears on the front end of the site in the user group banner.
    Private DescriptionThis admin-only field is for private notes about the user group. This description is not viewable on the front end of the site or by user group members.
    Allowed DomainsIf you enter a domain (such as @galaxydigital.com), then any new users who join your site will be automatically added to the user group.
    IconFor the user group banner (which is displayed in the volunteer view, on the page that lists all needs assigned to the group), select the icon that will appear with the course title.
    ColorSelect or enter the hex code (color) for the user group banner.
    Text ColorSelect whether to have white or black text for the user group banner.
    Suppress ResumeBy default, user group members can view their user group résumé. Use this option to prevent user group members from accessing the résumé.
  4. Click the button to Create or Update the user group as applicable.

You are now ready to add members to the user group.

Note: If your site has SLM, you will have additional options for user groups (courses). See Setting Up an SLM Course for more information.

Deactivating a User Group

To deactivate a user group:

  1. From Volunteerism > User Groups, click on the title of an existing group to open it.
  2. From the Status column at the top of the Update User Group page, select Inactive.
  3. Click Update User Group.

Once a user group is deactivated, it shows up in faded text in the table of user groups.