We know that corporate partners play an important role in helping your organization reach its goals. We also know that managing corporate volunteer groups is a big task. However GetConnected can help organizations like Habitat for Humanity simply manage groups of employees and private opportunities, so that you can bolster partnerships to achieve greater impact in your communities.

Site Managers can create a branded corporate user group page like this one where members can view their collective data in real time: 

The Benefits of Corporate Partnerships:

It is increasingly clear that consumers and employees care about corporate social responsibility (CSR) when purchasing goods or seeking employment. But it’s not just corporations that benefit. Nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity can develop meaningful, mutually-beneficial partnerships when working with companies in your community. Here are just a few advantages to engaging corporate partnerships and employee volunteer groups: 

  • Larger volunteer base: When you make it easier for groups to join (like employees of a company), you’ll have more hands on deck to get the job done. 

  • Opportunity for recurring volunteerism: Turn episodic, corporate volunteers into long-term supporters of your cause by ensuring an enjoyable, well-managed volunteering experience. 

  • Develop robust community partnerships: When organizations join forces, they can achieve more. By engaging corporate partners, you have the opportunity to share resources and grow your programs. 

An Intro to User Groups

The key to developing a lasting partnership with community for-profits is to make team volunteerism accessible. The GetConnected Community User Groups feature allows coordinators to group volunteers--like employees--and show them tailored opportunities. Communicating with your volunteers and tracking their hours becomes easier, while companies will appreciate the ease of registration and proof of community impact. 

Check out this helpful video on User Groups! 

How to Engage Corporate Partners with User Groups

Customize Their Site Experience 

  1. Create the user group: Site managers have control over the user groups, like Bank of America employees, they want to see. Site managers can easily add users, or employees, to their groups. 

  2. Customize the look: Make your companies feel at home. You can add their company logo to create a  branded banner for corporate partners and their volunteers. 

  3. Tailor communications: Using the user filter, managers can send updates, engaging material, or thank-you emails specifically to company employees (members of the user group). 

Make It Easy To Get Involved

  1. Assign opportunities: You can assign private opportunities, like a new-build weekend,  just for user group volunteers. All available opportunities for employees of a company are listed together on the user group’s page. 

  2. Send the private page link: Send a private link for each user group, so it’s quick for company employees to join and view opportunities just for them.  

  3. Collect the answers you need: Set up user group questions to collect the information you and your group leaders need when a new member joins. Site managers can export responses to collect user group-specific data. 

Demonstrate Collective Impact

  1. Gather employee hours: It’s even easier to log hours with the Volunteer GetConnected mobile app. When employees add their hours, they can assign them to the company’s user group. This way, volunteers are inspired as they watch their collective hours accrue. Plus, it’s even easier to log hours with the Volunteer GetConnect app. 

  2. Access User Group Reporting: You can provide companies with the data that captures their collective impact, so they can share with their customers, employees, or board. 

Take advantage of the User Groups feature to engage corporate partners and ensure a positive volunteerism experience. How does your Habitat for Humanity engage companies? Join the conversation at support@galaxydigital.com.