Would love to be able to toggle some of the features off or on

I like the new features of the Agency Manager's Toolbox but would like to be able to toggle it off and on, so I determine whether or not it shows. Say, I would rather provide an inhouse training first and then make this active on my site for agency's to use later.

The web page gets very busy and it would be nice to be able to toggle off features that aren't currently being used, such as calendar.

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Hi John!

Thank you for the suggestion! Although we have changed what Nina was talking about in her initial post (all the way back in 2015!) to disable certain notifications, we have still not made it possible to disable to agency manager/program manager toolbox. I will add your voice to the chorus! 

Have a great weekend!

Our organization would greatly appreciate this feature.  We are creating a 'front line' of tutorial videos for our Program Managers (PMs).  We would like the PMs to access these resources within the product in a manner similar to the Program Manager Toolbox.   Ideally, we could replace the current Toolbox banner with our own, which could lead to a CUSTOM PAGE from which our videos would be launched.  Also from this CUSTOM PAGE, it would be nice to have the ability to launch the Galaxy Toolbox for those PMs who want to dive deeper into the product.  PS:  We are providing access to our videos today through a 'hack'.  The CUSTOM PAGE is shown when the PM (or anyone else for that matter), clicks on TWITTER within a PROGRAM description.

The other features we won't be using and would like to turn off (hide) are:



SITE SETTING -> HOME PAGE MAP (anybody who wants to know where the office is located would go to the main website)



I agree with Sheila, that'd be a handy improvement.

Hi, Sheila! Thanks so much for these suggestions! We've actually been discussing the ability to toggle certain features on and off in Get Connected (such as the notification templates), and we'll definitely keep your calendar request in mind as we work on future enhancements. What other features would you like to have more control over?

We implemented the agency manager toolbox as a way of better communicating with agency managers; we're hoping it will help improve agency manager engagement on the site! While we strive to offer relevant, informative material to the agency managers, I understand how an admin might want to have greater control over what's displayed in the toolbox. As with your previous request, we'll take your suggestion into account for a future enhancement.

Thanks so much, Sheila! Keep those suggestions and requests coming!



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