Searching By Cause

Would really like volunteers to be able to search by cause -interest & phrase searches under volunteer needs don't really do the trick & we've found that many users want to find something based on the issues they are passionate about.

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Hi, Katelyn!

Thanks for your suggestion. At this time, causes are "tied" to agencies via the coding, so we're unable to provide need-searching by cause. I think an "agency cause" filter for needs is a good idea, so I'm going to add it to our next enhancement meeting agenda. If this enhancement goes through, it won't be available for several months at least, so here are a couple of workarounds:

  • Custom Causes and Interests - One option, if not all 16 default interests apply for your site, is to use custom interests that are identical to causes.

  • Clusters - Another workaround is to create 16 interest clusters, each the name of a cause. This way, agency managers could select causes via the cluster tool. Cluster titles are searchable in the phrase keyword search.

I hope these suggestions help for now. Thanks for a great suggestion!

These workarounds are great -- I should have thought about doing them earlier, but wasn't sure if clusters showed up in phrase searches. I'll do this method moving forward!

Glad I could help, Katelyn!

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