Allow for setting custom minimum and maximum response quantities on checkbox questions

When creating a custom question for registration, it would be really great if when you created a ‘radio box’ type question, you could have people select multiple options, and set a min.&max number of selections. Either that, or when creating a ‘checkbox’ type question, allow for it to be required, and also set a min & max number of selections. In the example of our registration, for example, we like people to pick a minimum of 3 preferred ‘crews’ (‘User group’ in GD lingo) from a list of about 12, and the ability to set a minimum of required selections would be super great. 

Alrighty, thank you! 
Ideally, that issue could be avoided through the form creating putting in a 'None of these apply', or 'Not applicable to me' option, but I'm sure that's come up as a solution as well. 

Hi, Katherine,

Thanks for the suggestion. I will bring up the following to our enhancements team:

- Ability to set a minimum or maximum for number of checkboxes that can be selected in a custom question.

- Ability to require a checkbox question.

We previously allowed requiring of checkbox questions, but it resulted in confusion because there were times that a none of the checkbox-answers applied, and users were only able to answer the required question by selecting something an answer that really didn't apply to them. I can bring this up to my team, but I just wanted to let you know that this is something we have considered in the past.

Thanks for the feedback!


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