Ability to Assign Opportunities (Needs) to Multiple Initiatives

We are running into an issue where we want to assign a volunteer opportunity to multiple initiatives, but that is currently not an option. Has there been any discussion around this topic? We could really use the ability to assign a volunteer opportunity to multiple initiative pages. Thanks!

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We would love to be able to assign multiple initiatives to needs as well. 


Hi Kristen and Molly! 

I'm happy to write this one up for you and put it into the review process. Can you give me some examples of opportunities that go into multiple initiatives? The more real life cases I have the easier it is to come up with the best solutions. 



Hi Aly,

Awesome! I have an email stream with Nina that should provide that context. Should I send that directly to your email or to the support email?



Hi Kristen, 

Nina just sent that over to me, very helpful! Did you find that tags met the needs you were hoping for? 



Perfect! So far, so good :)

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