Multiple Initiative Selections

We've found that some needs could fall under multiple Initiatives that we've created.  It would be helpful to have check boxes for the different Initiatives so that a need could be listed under both.

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That would be a great option! Initiatives are such a great tool that we'd love to be able to do this as well, assign more than one to needs. I am sure that would require us to select which initiative banner we'd want to show for that opportunity when we select multiples ... sorta like the current first interest area icon shows on the preview page. And maybe even that section on the need page could show mini icons for both interests and initiatives so even if the banner for the secondary initiative is not showing you wouldn't miss an identifier showing that its connected. The text header for that little box could say "Interests & Initiatives" with mini icons identifying both... different color for initiatives and interest icons to distinguish. Seems like there's room in that space if this idea goes forward. 


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Hi y'all! Thanks for this interesting idea!

I could see both sides of this: placing a need into multiple initiatives could help with recruitment, but it could also complicate data like banners displayed, response questions, and a few other areas. I am wondering if user groups could help out, since you could create one initiative, but have multiple user groups assigned to needs. User Groups have their own banners now too, which could help out with the details. Just an idea though--I'm still going to log these in our internal enhancement requests log!