Runs Until & Ongoing hours retention

When deleting a user's response, the system will delete all of the hours they've entered for that response and this process work for Runs Until duration as well. Is there a way where the approved hours for Runs Until *not* be automatically deleted when unregistered, because when users sign out, they lose all their hours and we would have to go through the support team to retrieve their hours. It would be easier, on both sides, if the approved hours are not deleted when a user signs out which saves us a step of retrieving these users hours manually through the support team. 

Please if you could consider this a change, or allow us an option to *not* delete these hours when the user sign out, it would save us from a lot of trouble. 

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Hi Frank!

Thanks for posting. Can you tell me a little bit more about your workflow?  It's not super common for us to find site managers deleting user responses, since responses are an important part of the data hierarchy. I'd like to learn more about how this is working for you. Since responses are so important, it affects the way the software tracks other data as well--for example, hours cannot be tied to a specific opportunity without a response. The way the software is designed, when a response is deleted, it is intended to mean that the volunteer did not show up and did not participate in the opportunity.

If you provide me with some additional information about what you're looking to accomplish hopefully I can brainstorm a good solution for you!

I hope you had a nice weekend!


The users sometimes unregister or delete user response, for a *Run Until* position themselves from their account, it deletes all the hours they have worked for that specific response. The site managers doesn't delete the user response, sorry I should've been more specific. 

For example, A volunteer has 40 hours on record for a Runs Until position that ends on July 30th, and they unregister from that position/response since it's almost over, they lose the 40 hours they have worked in that position. So as you mentioned, the hours cannot be tied to a specific opportunity without a response, therefore when the users unregister for the Runs Until response, they lose all their hours. Since the "Runs until" opportunity only happens temporarily or for a certain period of time, we delete the opportunity or users unregister from the opportunity after the end date. 

Is there any way for the user to keep their hours even after they unregister from a response or after the site managers deletes the opportunity? Or is there anyway we can let the users know, unregistering from a response (like a Runs until response) deletes all the hours associated with that response? Sorry if this is more confusing but if you need anymore information, I'll be able to provide it for you and thank you!

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Hi Frank, 

Thanks for that additional information! It was exactly what I was hoping for. 

There won't be a way for a user to keep their hours if the response has been deleted. That is core functionality that will not change in this iteration of the platform. However! I was thinking maybe we could add a pop up when anyone tries to delete a volunteer response that notifies them it will also delete any hours recorded. Do you think that would be helpful in this scenario? If so, I can write up that suggestion for the development team to consider as a future change to the software. 



Hey Ali, 

That would be really helpful if you could make that suggestion, thank you!