Unique Notification for Users Added by an Admin

We sometimes use old fashioned paper signup sheets at outreach events for a variety of reasons. When I go in and add these sign-ups manually, the user gets the same message as users who create their own profile. However, it would be nice if I had an option for an alternate notification that was special for users added this way - since they will need instructions on how to log in, what their temporary password is and encouragement to complete the rest of their profile information. 

Right now, I have a document on my computer with the separate wording - I change the notification when I'm doing my data entry and then change it back when I am finished entering the new users. It works, but is time intensive and prone to error (since I get distracted easily from such things). 

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Hi Wendy,

Thank you so much for sharing this suggestion with our team! I am going to add this request to the enhancement board. We appreciate you providing details so our development team can better understand your use case. Have a wonderful weekend!