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 Can you create additional template keys for the Upcoming Need Reminder to include shift time and Team Name if they are registered for a team please?

I am constantly getting emails from people to confirm what shift they are registered for. I explain they can check on their dashboard and Volunteer Responses but I also check to see their shift time and give them that information too. Would really like if the shift time would be included in the need reminder email. 

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Hi Shonie,

This update has been very helpful, thank you for hearing us!

I am noticing that the "Upcoming Need Reminder" email doesn't hold the same formatting as the "Need Response Thank You" email. We have some bullet pointed items in the {{need_comment}} field. It pulls correctly in the first email and displays as a list. In the reminder email it displays as a large block of text without proper line breaks. Can you look into this?



Hi Cody,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I will start a ticket with you to dig more into this. Be on the lookout for an email from me shortly!


Shonie Kuykendall

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Galaxy Digital 

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