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We're curious about any future development plans for the GetConnected App. We were very excited when the App was first announced, but unfortunately the first version doesn't offer the functionality our volunteers need. We don't require our volunteers to check-in or track hours, so these features aren't useful for us. The options to browse/search for opportunities, register, and edit/unregister would make this App very popular with the majority of our volunteers. 

Are there any plans in the near future to roll out some or all of these tools?  

Thank you!


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Hi Kate,

Thanks for posting! In the initial creation of the app, we wanted to provide something quickly as possibly to target the main challenge of a large majority of our clients -- posting hours. The goal is to add additional functionality with the next version, but we're always working on updating and maintaining the app. The next version is not quite ready just yet, but we have teams hard at work on it!  Keep your eyes on our marketing emails for more information regarding those updates. For the latest information our most recent updates and what is coming, check out our website here.  

Have a great day,

Maia Price
Customer Experience Specialist

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