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Hi all,

It would be useful to us to have a list of all cancelations. Right now we have to click into each volunteer's record to see their specific cancelation(s). I would like to see a list, similar to Volunteerism>Responses, showing a cumulative list of cancelations. 

This will help us figure out when a last minute hole opens up in a shift, or to see trends if an individual tends to cancel at the last minute frequently, and/or quickly find if a person accidentally cancels. 

I could see this being another sub-head under the Responses category, next to OPPORTUNITY RESPONSES, AEM RESPONSES, and LEGACY DRM RESPONSES.



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Hi all, 

I would also like to add support for the idea or show the list of people who have unregistered for an opportunity. Seeing a cumulative list of people who have canceled across all opportunities would be helpful similar to what's shown in Volunteerism -> Responses would be great. It would also be helpful to see volunteers who have canceled when you click on "Opportunities," select an opportunity, and go to "View Responses". If you could see a registrant's status here, such as Responded, Un-Responded, or Attended, that would help us understand what is happening after a person signs up. 

More broadly, our overall cancellation rate is a really important data point for us because it helps us determine how many people we need to recruit. We'll most likely have a custom report built, but it would be awesome to have this information displayed on the front end also. 

Thank you for your consideration, 


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