Make page permissions more granular with user groups

Page viewing permissions shouldn't be just limited to admins, managers, and users. We should be able to use user groups as another level of permissions. e.g. Only users who belong in the senior volunteer group can see a page with experienced hiking related work

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Hi Brian,

Thank you for posting in our forums! With the current design of the software, you are able to set a need to private and assign it to a User Group. Private needs are only viewable by those that are in a User Group it is associated with or by someone who has been provided the direct link to the need.

So, by creating a User Group to add your senior volunteers into and adding a private need to it, only the folks in the User Group would be able to view.

Is this the type of granularity you are looking for? I wanted to mention this as an option for you, but I also want to make sure I am not misunderstanding your product enhancement suggestion.

Let me know what you think! If this is something you are after, feel free to reach out to for more specific help to your site.



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