Prevent early check-in from App and Kiosk

I would like to prevent the people who sign up for my opportunities from checking in early for any ones they respond to. This goes for both the App and Kiosk. I need accurate counts of hours and them checking in early will not give me a good picture of their volunteer hours.

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 Hi Sheryl, thanks for reaching out! I will make sure to document your enhancement request, and review it with the team in our product enhancement review meeting. Your feedback is much appreciated!

I hope you have a great week!

Agree with this product suggestion. I tested this with one of our parks and someone can check in several days prior to the event.  I suspect they only get credit for the default hours no matter how early they check-in?  Just extra work on the park's part to remember if that person actually showed up or not unless they have a sign-in sheet.  Would be great if they could only check in the day of the event and just a few hours beforehand.

I agree with this, and would love to see it expanded to a setting where volunteers only have the "check in now" and "check out now" options available. I have a lot of folks who do hours that they have to document for school or court ordered service, and a lot of the teens will show up late, but choose the "check in at shift start time" or leave early and choose the "check out at shift end time" options so they get credit for extra time that they weren't actually volunteering. I try to audit the hours thoroughly on my own, but it would be super helpful to set the kiosk so that they are only able to record the actual start and end times. Thanks!

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