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I have found it is very difficult to pull the some of the reports I need. One being getting the total amount of volunteers that actually volunteered during a time frame and their hours. The difficulty I have had is volunteers that have volunteered at multiple programs. Please see below:

John Doe volunteers at Program 1 for 7 hours and Program 2 for 4 hours every week.

I need to pull a report for Q2. I need how many volunteers actually submitted hour and the total hours. Right now, I can pull from each Program, no problem. BUT when I need to combine multiple programs reports, I run into the issue that John Doe will be counted as two volunteers. This will skew the total number of volunteer submitting hours. However, I still want the total hours John Doe has submitted. All I need to know is that John Doe was counted once in the total amount of volunteers that submitted hours but when I pull the total amount of hours submitted in Q2, all his hours are accounted for.  

It would also be great if in the Quick Stats section, I could see the number of volunteers that have submitted and have approved hours. There is the "Volunteers" section that has "New Registrations," "User Log Ins," and "Volunteer Hours." Right above the "Volunteer Hours" if the was "User Hours Submitted." (Or something along that name.) Taking out the repeats as described above. So I can easily see that X-amount of volunteers completed X-amount of hours at Program 1.

Hopefully that all made sense. Thank you!

Brandon J

Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake

Hi Brandon, 

Thank you for writing in! As to your first piece, I think the report that'll serve your use case is the Users Data Explorer, found in Reports > Data Explorers tab. This report will allow you to set a date range, then view all user's activity within that date range alongside the sum totals of responses, hours, etc they've done in that period of time. If users have zeroes in their results, you would count them as inactive. Exporting as a spreadsheet by clicking the upward-arrow icon beside the date range would let you remove the zero-users, and get a sum total of users who do have information and activity. Let me know if there are any questions about this report! 

As to your second piece, can you clarify what part of the site you're looking at regarding the Volunteer section and New Registrations, etc. Is this on the site manager end, or something your program mangers are looking at? 

Thank you! 

Heather Adler
Data Specialist at Galaxy Digital

Hi Heather,

For the first point, I will try that the next time I have to pull hours! 

Second piece, I was thinking for the Site Manager. Getting to it would be clicking Reports. Then you have the Quick Stats with "Today" "Current Month" and "Year to date." You click your selection then you can click any of the selection(Hours, Response, New Usrs, Etc.) and bring you to a nice quick view of some data. Adding what I said to that page would be awesome. However, this would not be bad data to allow the Program Managers to look at.

-Brandon J

Hi again Brandon,

Sounds good! 

I think I understand what you're looking for on this one--on the main Reports page, are you referring to the Quick Stats sections that state Hours, Responses, New Users, and Hours Value as shown in the sample screenshot below? If so, you can click these sections (in conjunction with the Today, Current Month, and Year to Date timeframes as well) to view the related site activity reports! 

Take a look and let me know if this gets you to your data goals! I'd be happy to put in a specific enhancement request for something different to the site activity reports if I've missed the mark.

Heather Adler
Data Specialist at Galaxy Digital

Hey Heather 

This does not get me to my data goals. Because of the 130 response only 100 of them may have submitted hours and had them approved. There also might be folks that submitted multiple responses. I was thinking after going to the activity reports, you have the multiple sections (Programs, Volunteers, Impact, All Opportunities) and in the Volunteer section, there would be a quick stat for how many volunteers have approved hours. There are currently only "New Registrations," "User Logins," and "Volunteer Hours." This stat would tell me how many volunteers submitted those approved hours. 

Hopefully that helps. 

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