Single Page Opportunities for Large Events and Donations Request


We often have sign-ups for large events or donated needs. This is difficult to accomplish with Galaxy and we have to fall back on sign-up genius which we don't like doing- We would prefer to use Galaxy. 

For Example- We have a 5K coming up. All Volunteers have different jobs- Agility course, Snack table, registration station, etc... At this time, if I want to use Galaxy, I have to make a new opportunity for each activity. This is time consuming and tedious.

A larger problem - For our volunteers to find an activity at the event, they have to click on every single opportunity until they find one that isn't filled. This is discouraging for our volunteers and reduces volunteer numbers and use of Galaxy for our volunteers, as well as our staff getting complaints. As you can image the more "fun" activities are chosen first and the lesser fun activities aren't even viewed. It would be nice for the volunteers to see all activities in a row on one page with if the slot if filled or not. It would be quick and painless for the volunteers. 

I would suggest, in a single opportunity, under "Custom Shifts" if we could have a "Title" and a "Short Description" area. This would make it so we can list all our activities in one Opportunity without making so many opportunities which then also need a "Program." 

This would also help with donated items. We often have to make sign-ups for donations for events. Example, Cupcakes, napkins, etc.. If I want to do this on Galaxy, again I would have to make 25 opportunities and we don't have that type of time as a nonprofit to be making a single opportunity for "forks". It would be nice to be able to list the needs in one area where volunteers can easily view on a single page if the slots are filled or not and sign-up. 

Thank you for your time. 


Donation Example

Hi Tricia, 

Thank you for reaching out with your suggestion for a product enhancement! I appreciate the examples and loved the screenshots, they were a great visual to support your suggestion. I will add the suggestions around making changes to the appearance of a shift based Opportunity by having an option to include a title and description for each shift, so users have the ability to view different activities and the capacity for each under one Opportunity, to our list of enhancements to review. I'll include the accompanying information provided in your submission as well! Please let me know if there is anything else you'd like me to capture or clarify from your request that I may have missed.

In the interim, although it may not be a universal fix to address the barriers presented around how volunteers engage with Opportunities, you may find the Initiatives feature helpful as a way to group Opportunities across Programs under one umbrella, as a way to highlight selected Opportunities! The Initiative will have a unique URL that can be linked in a spotlight for promotion, included in an email blast, or posted on social media. If you are not familiar with Initiatives, you can learn more about them here.  Feel free to reach out to our Customer Experience team at if you'd like to explore the Initiative feature further!

Have a wonderful day!


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