Looking for ways to manage your agency relationships more effectively? The links below offer some ideas, insights, and instructions for working with the agencies on your Get Connected site. You'll find resources for you, as well as resources that you can pass along to your agencies!

Resources for You

Help Center Resources

Blog Series on Engaging Your Agencies

 In 2018, we published the following series of blog posts on agency engagement. Give 'em a read!

Resources To Pass Along To Your Agencies

  • Agency Manager FAQ: Click here to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions our Customer Care team gets about agency management.
  • Benefits Statement Flyer: This attractive flyer can help your agency managers see how participation in your site will help them achieve their volunteerism goals.
  • Agency Manager Road Map for Success: If your agencies are thinking your site will be too much work for them, ease their concerns with this infographic, which shows how simple the process can be.

Posting Needs

Managing Volunteers

Managing an Agency Account