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The latest update to have a 'Duplicate Hours Popup' is causing some issues on-site for us.  We use a private 'Ongoing Opportunity' for our resale store volunteers to log their hours when they come and go, and the Duplicate Hours Popup is popping up every time a volunteer uses the kiosk to check in.  Our Store volunteers join us on-site every single day, so this is a nuisance to them!

It would be helpful to have the option to turn this popup on/off based on our individual needs as an organization.  Or, there should be some other option for ongoing shifts that would NOT prompt the popup.

We can't change our opportunity to any other type - the 'ongoing' type has been working great, and everyone just got used to it. 

Thank you!

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Hi Nick, 

I appreciate hearing more about your use case! Thank you again for sharing your thoughts about this update. I will take your suggestion to include an option to permanently disable the duplicate hours pop up to our enhancements board for consideration from our Operations and Development team. 

Thank you again, and have a great Friday!


Our agency is having the same problem.  It seems that if you respond to an ongoing opportunity, it should recognize that you will have multiple entries on different days.  I do like the "Turn off for 24 hours" but there has to be a way the system can actually recognize that an entry is indeed a duplicate without having it throw up this pop-up each time if the entries are not being made on the same day.  The pop-up is also confusing and frustrating for our volunteers since it states a day and hours logged differently from the actual entry.  See attached.  Hope a solution can be found.  Thanks!

My agency is also having the same issue. It's annoying for both volunteers entering hours and me when I add manual hours to keep having this pop up. Especially since it can't be turned off for more than 24hrs. It's confusing everyone when they see the pop up and haven't entered hours for that day so there should be no duplicate pop up. Is there a way for the system to recognize the difference between entries for different days vs the same day? Since the feature to approve or reject hours is available, I don't see a need for the pop up. We've only had one case of duplicate hours and I was easily able to catch that since I have to review and approve volunteer hours. 

Hi Nancy and Samantha, 

Thank you so much for adding your voice to the chorus! I will make a note of your support in our enhancements board, and we will update this thread of any changes. 

Thank you again, and I hope you have a wonderful Friday! 

Autum Brown, Education Manager

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