Here are some steps to ensure a successful launch of your new Connect site.

  1. Decide on a look
  2. Bring on the data
  3. Learn your stuff
  4. Involve your agencies or programs
  5. Involve your community
  6. Reach out for help

At any point during this process, please reach out for help if you need it!

Decide on your look

Gather the following design elements so you can customize your site's look and feel:

  • 1600 pixel x 250-300 pixel banner image (JPEG, PNG, or GIF)
  • 960 pixel x 300-360 pixel banner image (JPEG, PNG, or GIF)
  • Hex code of your primary brand color
  • Hex code of secondary brand color

Bring on the data

Existing Data: If needed, send us your data to import. We can import agency data, volunteer data (including hours submitted), and need (including need responses) data if you are transitioning from another volunteer management solution. Click here to familiarize yourself with our data policy.

New Data: Now is also the time to consider any additional information you'd like to collect when new volunteers and agencies join your site. Your new site has several specific forms/pages that can be customized to collect customized data. Those include:

Click here to learn more about all of the options available for customizing your Connect site. Please let us know if you require adjustments to any of the forms/pages that can be customized. 

Learn your stuff

Prior to launch, it's vital that you become familiar with the ins and outs of managing your new platform. Our complete training schedule for Get Connected sites is available here. (Campus Connect, Corporate Connect, and Community Connect sites should contact us for training information.) Register for the trainings you need based on the modules your site has included. At minimum, all Get Connected Site Managers should attend an Agency Manager training and both Site Manager trainings. 

Involve your agencies or programs

Your agencies and programs are the key to your site's success. Once your imported agencies or programs have been activated, encourage the managers to register for training. When new managers join for your site, be sure to encourage them to register for training as well.

Agency Managers for Get Connected sites can register for a training session here. Other Connect sites should contact us for training information.)

Involve your community

Your Connect site is all about community involvement, and it's time to "start spreading the news" about your community's new volunteer management solution!

  • Update links as needed on your main website.
  • Notify the media and alert your community. Here are a few articles to get you started!

These important steps are critical to ensuring that potential volunteers know where to go when they are ready to make a difference! 

Reach out for help

Contact if we can be of any assistance once your site is up and running.