General Look and Feel

You new Connect platform requires very little effort to customize its look and feel.

Design Elements

The site administrator can modify two design elements: the site's header image and the brand colors. In order to adjust these elements, you should have the following files and information, respectively:

  • 1600 pixel x 250-300 pixel banner image (JPEG, PNG, or GIF) 
  • 960 pixel x 300-360 pixel banner image (JPEG, PNG, or GIF)
  • Hex code of your primary brand color
  • Hex code of secondary brand color 

The two banner images should be the same image, but in the two sizes specified above. These sizes are needed to ensure that your design is clear, regardless of the size of the screen it is being viewed from.

Click here for information on adding banners and indicating primary and secondary brand colors.

Language Overrides

Get Connected uses specific terms with specific meanings ("need," "cause," and "agency" are a few examples). If your organization wants to use a different term (for example, "opportunity" instead of "need"), you can request to have the term changed, or overridden, throughout Get Connected platform. 

Click here to learn which terms can be overridden (replaced) with a term of your choice.

Causes and Interests (Skills)

By default, a Connect site has 16 causes and 16 interests (or skills, on Community Connect sites) for matching volunteers up with the agencies and needs that would most interest them. If you want to change that number, you can; just contact Galaxy Digital's Customer Care team. Before making your request, please read this article to learn more about causes and interests and why they are one of your site's most valuable tools.

Specific Pages

The User Registration Form

  • As a site administrator, you can add questions to the user registration form as a way of collecting data unique to your community. Questions can be those that are already in the user profile (birth date, phone number, etc.), or you can add custom questions.
  • Data from these questions will be searchable in the user-management area of your Manager Panel (located at Volunteerism > Users), and in the email blast. Data can also be collected in a custom report. 
  • You can set your site up to accept user registrations from only those users whose email addresses are of a specific domain, such as a college or company domain.
  • You can hide one or more of the default registration steps for new users.

Click here for further instructions on updating your site's user-registration form.

The Agency Registration Form

  • Agency profile items (such as contact information, "Who We Are," and social media links) can be added to to the agency registration form. Custom questions cannot be added for agencies.
  • Answers are logged for later use by agency managers and site administrators.

Click here for instructions on updating your site's agency-registration form.

The Terms and Conditions Page

  • As a site administrator, you can adjust your site's Terms and Conditions page.

Here are a couple of articles you may find helpful in updating terms and conditions:

The Hours Submission Form

  • You can set up the hours-submission form (completed by volunteers once they have done their volunteer work and want to submit hours) to affiliate hours with specific categories.
  • You can add two custom questions to the hours submission-form. The data collected from this additional drop-down can be available in a report.

Click here for instructions on updating your site's hours submission form.


  • Get Connected provides several dozen ready-made reports, but we recognize that your site may require reporting of information not currently collected in our standard reports.
  • Each client may request up to five custom reports as part of their site setup. 
  • Data from custom reports can be exported and restricted by date (if a date field is part of the data reported).

If you have requests that fall outside the scope of the customizations outlined here, please contact Galaxy Digital's Customer Care team. We love getting feedback and often incorporate client's suggestions in to future updates/versions.