For each agency partner that uses your Get Connected site, you and the agency will work together to create a profile that serves as a landing page. This page will feature information about the agency, as well as the needs that the agency posts. Here are our best practices for creating an agency on your site:

Create an Agency: Two Ways

Import Existing Agencies

As a United Way, you’ve already established many agency and program partnerships. So you’re likely to have a database of agency information already populated. In this case, you will export existing agency data from your previous volunteer management system, and adjust to fit our GetConnected import template. If you want to import your database of agencies or programs GetConnect platform, talk to your launcher; they’ll refer you to one of our data specialists who will help you transfer your existing agency data, so you don’t have to start from scratch!


Create a New Agency

You may have new agency partners who would like to join your platform, even after your GetConnected platform is up and running. It’s easy to add a new agency. Simply select the “Add New Agency” button located in the Manage Agencies area. As the site manager, you’re required to fill out the following fields within the new agency profile (as indicated by a red asterisk):

  • Status

  • Primary Manager

  • Agency Name

  • Causes

  • Address

Once you have filled in required fields and submitted the agency, they can invite the “Primary Manager,” or Agency Manager, to complete their profiles. The important thing is that you communicate with your agencies where you are in the process, and when you’d like agency managers to step in. (Don’t forget to give Agency Managers details on where to find and edit their profile page.)

We also understand that some United Ways are shifting their efforts toward internal programs. You can use the agency profile area to build your internal programs. In this case, site managers may complete the entire agency (or program) form. This article shows you how to build a successful program page. 


Note that an agency or program manager must have registered their email with your GetConnected platform before you assign them to an agency. 

Help Your Agency Managers Succeed

We want your Agency Managers to succeed, and so do you! To help transition your agencies to your new site, we recommend taking the following steps to ensure both you and your Agency Managers are making the most of your Get Connected site: 

Join an Agency Manager Training

We highly recommend that Site Managers join an Agency Manager training; you’ll develop a better understanding of the processes involved in creating and managing an agency or program, so you and your agencies are on the same page, and you are well-equipped to answer questions that may arise. You can register for a live video training here. If are unable to attend any of the scheduled live trainings, let Customer Care know and we’ll make it work for you. 

Remind Agency Managers to Attend Training

We provide free and convenient Agency Manager Trainings to ensure they have the tools needed for success. All you have to do is remind (and encourage) them to attend! Once you have developed a relationship with your partner agency, send along a welcome email and include instructions on how to register for an Agency Manager Training. New agencies can register for training here

Put Together a Resource Package for Agency Managers

Learning a new system can seem overwhelming at first. But with a bit of training and some helpful resources, your partner agencies will post needs and engage volunteers with confidence! We have plenty of resources that you can send along to get them acquainted with your Get Connected site. We have put together a selection of resources that you can send to your Agency Managers following their training:

Starting Out:

Registering Your Agency on a Connect Site

The Agency Manager View

Your Agency or Program’s Profile Page

Posting Needs:

Posting and Managing Needs for Your Agency or Program

Opportunity Scheduling: Posting Needs with Shifts

Posting and Managing Your Agency’s Events

Managing Volunteers:

Managing Your Agency’s Need Responses

Volunteer Scheduling: For Agency Managers

Provide Agencies with Examples

We recommend that you create a sample agency page to provide your new agencies with a clear example of the types of content you want to see in an Agency Profile with assigned needs (you’ll learn about creating needs in your next lesson!) If you need a refresher on how to add an agency, check out this article

Host a Launch Event

You can save time by helping your partners launch altogether. Why not host a launch event and invite your partner agencies to learn about your new software. You may consider a soft launch with a few trusted partners. Or, you may host a larger “Lunch and Learn” event for all community partners to introduce them to the software. Consider your time constraints and budget and create a plan for helping your agencies that works for you. Don’t forget that you can always reach out to us at Customer Care for inspiration! 

Track Incomplete Agencies

United Way affiliates manage many partnerships, so it may be helpful to keep an eye on the “Incomplete Agencies” list. You’ll notice the “Incomplete Agencies” tab located in the Manage Agencies page. This page identifies agencies with any missing information that should be completed in order to publish a more comprehensive agency profile. 

You can notify agencies with incomplete profiles by clicking the “Notify Agency Manager” button; a friendly, automated reminder will be emailed to the agencies you selected from your incomplete agencies list.

Be sure to revisit this list during and after your site’s launch to ensure your agencies are up and running! 

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