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We’ve recently started using the Check-In kiosk for our volunteers. Is there a way to change the “Check-In Time” options? I don’t want the volunteers to have the option to check in at shift start or with a custom time. I prefer they check in when they’re actually checking in.


Thank you,


Christina Cook

Program Coordinator
Mon County Habitat for Humanity

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Hi Kathy, thanks for writing in! I will add this suggestion to our board and be sure to bring it up in the next review. It sounds like something like a setting to disable custom check-in/check-out times would be helpful here, as some users will definitely want this functionality, and others will want to restrict it. 

Have a great day!

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We are also in need of an option to have clock in at EXACT time.  

We are in the setup stage of our account, and I'm really surprised that an option is given for the volunteer to select the time they checked in!  

This is especially critical when it comes to court-ordered Community Service volunteers.  We need to track their hours accurately, and do so without having to spend unnecessary time to track their In's and Out's manually.  It is open to too many errors.

Thank you ... please consider this change.

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Is there any update to this?

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Hi Christina,

Thank you for sending us this suggestion! We have documented your suggestion, so our development team can consider this for future enhancements. Please let us know if we can help out with anything else!

Have a great weekend!



As a public-open facility, capturing EXACT check-in times is vital to our on-site security and safety. Our organization would also appreciate developments to Check-In Kiosk Options.

Thank you!

Hi Colleen, thanks for checking in!

Right now, the three options are check in now, check in at shift start time, and check in at a custom time, which allows for the most flexibility for check-in. That said, we understand that there are cases where you want to enforce when volunteers can check in, and there are a variety of other situations that we are taking into consideration for the next check-in related build. 

Because of Covid-19, some of the changes we had planned to make to check-in this year got moved back, but we have not forgotten about this, and will make sure to take this post into account in the next check-in update.

Thanks for your patience!

Yes, we would like this option too for our ReStore volunteers especially!

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