Provide admin with option to add Team members to a User Group

Volunteers can create teams as needed, but teams lack many reporting options for admins. On the other hand, User Groups have more reporting and filtering options, but must be creating manually (time-consuming) or by requesting volunteers add themselves to a group via an email with User Group link (which they may or may not do).

So we are left with manually adding every Team member to a User Group. It would be wonderful to instead have an action available from the Teams admin page to add ALL members of a Team to a User Group OR to allow filtering for teams in a User filter, so that we could use the existing Add User Group bulk option. 

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Hi Beth,

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us here on the product suggestions forum!

Is the purpose of this enhancement to add Teams to User Groups or to ensure you can report on team activity? Is there an additional benefit for you to add team members to a user group besides the ability to access reports?

I look forward to hearing more about your use case!

All the best,


The primary purpose is to add team members to User Groups for reporting.

For example,

We have a relationship with 'The Best Company'. Sometimes, we get a team from the accounting dept, and they call themselves 'The Best Accountants', or maybe 'The 5 Best Accountants', or whatever. Members may or may not overlap. We may also get a team from the HR department, calling themselves, well, anything they want for their team. As far as teams are concerned, these are all different entities, even if teams have been cloned.

We would like to go to the team page, select 1 (or more) of these teams, and bulk add them to our 'The Best Company Volunteers' user group. This will give us a reporting options for the company as a whole, and email options for the volunteers using the user group as a user filter. On the other hand, we might decide that one user group for each department is how we'd like to see it.


Hi Beth,

Thank you for that additional background! Based on that, here is my proposed enhancement:

  • As a site manager, when viewing a list of teams, I would like to select a team and add it to a user group, so that I can associate those team members and their team hours with their larger user group total hours.

Please let me know if I'm on the right track here!

All the best,

Caitlin Lowe

Would also be great to allow agency managers to create their own user groups.

Hi, Brooke,

Thanks for adding your thoughts here. Just to confirm before I send over to the enhancements team that you're looking for Agency Managers to be able to create their own users group. Can you expound a little bit more on how this would work in your current workflow? I want to make sure I'm capturing the essence the request so the dev team has more information to discuss. 


CX @ Galaxy Digital

Hi Maia,

We would like for our agency managers to have the ability to create user groups specific to their agency - not site-wide. We also want to maintain the ability for site managers to create site-wide user groups. 

Does that make sense?


Hi Brooke,

Thank you for that information! To confirm: Agency Managers would be able to create user groups of their current volunteers and site managers would continue to have the same functionality for user groups. 


Maia Price
CX Specialist

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