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It would be great to have a way to label shifts. For example, if we have a shift from 4:30-6 and 6-7, we could label them, "Setup 4:30-6" and "Clean Up 6-7" so volunteers have a quick reference of what they are signing up for.

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Hi, Sarah,

Thanks for your suggestion! I'd like to add it to our list, but can you first give me a better idea of what you're envisioning? By "labels," are you thinking of the need titles that show up on the "cards" when people are viewing needs? Or maybe a subtitle?

Please respond in the forum so that others can chime in as needed. Thanks!

Would something like this be possible? Just needing a way to distinguish a custom shift with a label. It would be nice to be able to be able to turn on the ability to see who has registered for those shifts as well.

Often times volunteers like to know who else - not just how many - are volunteering for a shift. That can be an option to turn on or not.

Lucy, thanks for the visual! I'll share it with the group at our meeting tomorrow!

Hi - sorry, I responded to the email instead of putting it up here! Here's my email, but Lucy displayed it perfectly!


Sure! For example, if I have a volunteer opportunity that has custom shifts:


"Homework Diner" is the name of the opportunity. The event is on one date, ie. 6/22/17, then I have a shift that is from 4:30-6, 5-7, and 5:15-7:15. Each shift has a different responsibility. 4:30-6 is setup and registration, 5-7 is serving food and cleanup and 5:15-7:15 is tutoring. It would be great to have next to the list of shifts say


"Serving Food/Cleanup"



Here's a screenshot of where I'm thinking the labels would be good.


Inline image 1

I have seen more of our partner organizations using services (SignUpGenius) that will allow them to do this customization of shifts rather than using our custom shift option. There is no way to describe those shifts so that volunteers can know what they are signing up for.

This would be a great feature and one that would make our Get Connected site competitive with other tools available.

We are in "event" season around here with runs and walks every weekend - and no one is using our site for those registrations just for this reason.

I also think that this would be a great way for volunteers to have better idea what they are signing up for rather than overloading the site with many different opportunities. 


This way volunteers can browse the needs without feeling overwhelmed. 

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I agree with what is being said.  I am in the midst of our yearly day of service of which I have created an advanced event.  One of my agencies is submitting one project with three shifts, set up, registration and tear down.  I had to create three different projects which is somewhat misleading.  Identifying what each shift entails is very important for proper placement and fit of the right volunteer and saves the agency time in vetting each and every response they receive to see what shift/role they wish to fill.  Good idea.  

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We agree with the need for this-- we are currently using volgistics with the "notes" feature for each individual shift-- we use this for volunteers who might need to come pick up items before setting up for an offsite event.  We have another note for the designated volunteer to drop off items at the end of an event, that way it is clearly designated. 

We're disappointed that this feature is not available as it means that we'll have to add 2 extra individual opportunities for each special event, versus one special event with multiple shifts (customizing notes for each volunteer as needed).  See attached

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for sharing your feedback to this post. We definitely see the importance of this feature for several organizations. I am adding your voice to the enhancement request. The more our development team can see the better, so we really appreciate the screenshot you provided.

I will continue to be a big advocate for this change in the software! Have a great day!



Hi. It would be really great to be able to label shifts so people know what they are signing up for. It is also a great feature to use for delivery driver options, with each shift being labeled as a zip code. Otherwise, each opportunity for the shift is listed separately (sometimes 30 times)  and it can become quite cumbersome for the users to scroll through each opportunity for all the same event, especially if they have difficulty with navigating due to fine motor or vision issues. Please consider making this a feature that site/project managers have access to. All opportunities would be listed in one signup of multiple shifts keeping things clean and tidy and very user friendly. It is one of the top complaints I receive, and it may make make it so that Galaxy will not be compatible for my volunteer signup needs. Thank you. 

Hi, Joan,

Thanks for adding your voice to the forums. I appreciate you bringing your perspective regarding the accessibility of the current user interface -- that's definitely something that is important to our development team! If you find that the zip codes you deliver to are consistent, I might suggest creating different opportunities for each one and housing them within an initiative.

Though, I will add this note to the request for our enhancements team.


Maia Price
Customer Success Manager

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