This article applies to all Connect site administrators.

The Get Connected Manager Panel Dashboard has three main sections.

  • The Utility Bar (section 1 above) has links for viewing the front end of the site, accessing Site Settings, generating reports, and reviewing domain alerts.
  • The Sidebar Menu (section 2 above) provides access to various management tools.
  • The Dashboard (section 3 above) is a customizable area that can show various statistics for your site, including your most active agencies, percentages toward goals, top volunteers and more.

This article provides a general overview of each section. For more information and instructions on using the various tools provided in the manager panel, click the applicable links provided throughout this article.

Manager Panel Utility Bar

The utility bar is located at the top of the manager panel screen.

It contains the following elements:

  • View Site - Click to view the front end (volunteer view) of your Get Connected platform.
  • Settings - This area is analogous to the old "Site Settings" area of the manager panel. Use this area to specify agency and user registration settings, create custom causes and interests, add questions to the hours-submission form, dress up the user dashboard with spotlights and images, set up community impact areas, enable online donations, and view your DNS (domain) information.
  • Reports - This link replaces the Reports button in the older version of the manager panel. The Reports page features all of the same reports offered previously and includes a new Data Explorer tool that allows you to create your own custom reports. Click here to learn more about this exciting new tool, along with the other reports available in Get Connected.
  • Domain Alerts - Click the "bell" icon to view alerts that have been posted for you by Galaxy Digital staff. Alerts include announcements about enhancement releases, planned outages, and other items of interest to your. Unread alerts are indicated by a number next to the icon. Your table of domain alerts shows the alert ID, title, status, date added, and expiration date.

    Note: When a new alert is added, you'll see a red banner across the top of your screen informing you of the alert. You can click on the banner to access the new message.

  • Profile Access - If you've uploaded an image in your profile, that image will be displayed here. If you have not uploaded an image, you'll see a circle with your initials. Click on the image or the initials to view your profile options.
  • Help Center - Click the question mark in the top-right corner of your screen to access the site manager's area of our Help Center.

Manager Panel Sidebar Menu

The sidebar menu replaces a number of features from older versions of Get Connected, including the "Manage" buttons (Manage Agencies, Manage Users, etc.) and various tabs and links. This article provides a very brief overview of what's covered under each of the menu items shown below; click on the applicable link to view instructions and other important information.


Note: To hide the menu, click Collapse Menu, located at the bottom of the navigation menu.

Manager Panel Dashboard

Your manager panel dashboard can be customized to display those elements of the site that are most important to you.

The dashboard management area is identical to that of the Volunteer Impact Pages (VIPs). Click here to learn more about using the VIP development tool to customize your manager panel.